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Two Way Mirrors

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Tonight in class we discussed a case in which a couple sued their landlord because the landlord was using two way mirrors to watch them getting jiggy with it.

The husband (A citizen of France) was allocated 5k in damages.

The wife was allocated 15k in damages.

Why the 10k difference between the damages given to the husband by the land lord and the damages given to the wife???

My professor decided to put it to the class as to possible explanations.  The class responded in turn with these suggestions:

1. Because he was French.

2. Because his performance wasn’t as good as hers.

3. She was a porn star and claiming loss of revenue.

4. Proving that the landlord saw the woman naked more.

5. She spent more time in her house, and then by extension (according to the professor), nude.

6. She’s MY wife tarzan syndrome. It was a secondary injury to the husband that he was seen naked.

7. Females have more genetalia. 3, to 1. The damages were 3 to 1. Coincidence?

I love Section 21!!!


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October 1, 2008 at 11:25 pm

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