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okay you big oil loving puppy kicking conservative

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Dissent:  hahah
dont’ forget to blue book it
me:  go die in a fire please
Dissent: didn’t you know all us liberals are going to hell eventually?
and I’m jewish
no chance of avoidance
me:  i thought jewish people didn’t believe in hell
Dissent: not really
but just ask Rush Limbough
or however you spell it
me: why, what’s he say?
Dissent: got me
me: ah, just name dropping eh?
Dissent: all those conservative types are the same
me: that my friend, is complete unadulterated fact
Dissent:  lol
i didn’t expect you to agree
Dissent: wait i was wrong
me: similarly, I don’t know how you could possibly in interested in national security if your actually a liberal.
Dissent: I’m more a moderate
me: everyone knows you want the terrorists to win
Dissent: okay you big oil loving puppy kicking conservative

Awesomeness.  Puppy kicker!!!


Written by DMN

September 18, 2008 at 7:12 pm

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