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Adding to the Divorce Rate

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Shamelessly ganked from ATL.

And another

Heh. Heh. Heh.

Class Notes:

A lot of times we have individuals in the class who like to flex their mental muscles out loud by proposing outrageous hypotheticals using the principles that we’re learning. This is a highly annoying action that holds up the class and causes a significant amounts of eye rolling from offended classmates. However, occasionally someone will rise to the challenge and end a hypo with a succinct statement that causes clear finality.


Gunner: But why did they only sue Pittston? Clearly both entities were at fault. Buffalo Creek Mining Co had some of the fault, and so did the parent company Pittston.

Student 1: Because Pittston has all the money

Gunner: But why didn’t they sue Buffalo Creek Mining Co too? It’s a matter of…. (about to launch on long hypothetical argument that has nothing to do with where we’re going in the class)

Veto (girl who sits behind me): Because PITTSTON, has all the MONEY. *glare*

Gunner: Oh.

Well done Veto!

As of right now, Veto is really the only one who’s stepped up (though mostly through Tourette Syndrome apparently) and put these offending individuals in their place.

I, for one, recommit myself to do my part in stopping this epidemic.


Written by DMN

August 21, 2008 at 7:17 pm

New Work Out

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3×10 Goblet Squat

3×10 Rows

3×10 Military Press

3×10 Bench Press

15 Minute warm down run

I figure that’s enough to delude myself into thinking that I’m doing something to stay in shape. The exercises will be done as a circuit, one after another.

In other news, taken from

An excerpt from a deposition taken last month in Dallas, Texas:

Plaintiff’s Counsel: Remember we still have a trial. There will be some more of it come up then, but no reason to go over it all now. Can’t have it all. You’ll have cut your hair by then, you know.

Witness: You have a thing about my longer hair, don’t you? Are you jealous or what?

(Off-the-record discussion.) (Exhibit No. 25 marked.)

Witness: Well, you’d probably look better if you shaved it. Anyway, go ahead.

Counsel: I know you would be. I know you would look better if you shaved yours.

Witness: Do you really think so?

Counsel: Yeah, I really do.

Witness: That’s amazing. Your wife doesn’t think so.


Written by DMN

July 22, 2008 at 6:57 am